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Offering you the best prices for your books has been our priority since day one. Founded by students for students, our goal is to help save you money and get you prices you deserve for your old textbooks. That’s why we’ve created a platform that made this process as quick and easy as possible.

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Enter the ISBN number above or below the barcode on the back cover of the book to receive an instant quote.
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Print your free label, place it on the outside of the box, and drop the package off at any local post office.
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Track your package and as soon as it is received we will initiate payment via your choice of PayPal or check within 7 business days.

Smooth transaction, sent in 3 books for a total of just under $100, got my entire quote as promised. Thank you!

I used Textbook Maniac, and I am more than happy with the service I received. What I was quoted is what I received, and I received the money extremely fast. I normally don’t write reviews; however, I had to make an exception to let it be known how pleased I am with this company.

I am happy with their services. I received what was promised for the books and received payment in an acceptable time frame.

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