Buyback Condition Guidelines

Pending on condition, books will either receive the full quoted price or a generous portion of the quote if any issues are found. Unfortunately, if books have excessive damage or are ineligible to be resold, we cannot purchase them. If you have a question regarding the condition of your book, email or call us during normal business hours.

To receive full quote the book must:

  • Be a valid U.S. Student Editions*
  • Have no damaged bindings
  • Have no missing covers
  • Have no water damage
  • Have no missing components (CDs, Online Access)
  • Not contain excessive writing/highlighting
  • Not have workbooks, lab manuals, and study guides with more than 5 pages of answers filled in

*Please check your textbooks for black tape. This is often used to cover up the fact that the book is actually an instructor's edition.

The following cannot be purchased:

  • Books with Missing Pages
  • Books with Excessive Damage
  • Counterfeit Textbooks
  • International Editions
  • Annotated Instructor’s Editions
  • Free (or Complementary) Copies
  • Professional Copies
  • Review Copies
  • Calendars